Summary Statistics

We provide summary statistics from two different analyses, each one conducted separately in males only, females only and males and females combined.

  1. BOLT-LMM association analysis for same-sex sexual behavior in the UK Biobank.
  2. MTAG meta-analysis for same-sex sexual behavior combining UK Biobank and 23andMe *
  3. MTAG meta-analysis for the proportion of same-sex partners among non-heterosexuals combining UK Biobank and 23andMe *

* For the combined MTAG results, we provide the 10,000 most significant, LD-independent SNPs, in line with the 23andMe policy. In some cases the number of SNPs is slightly lower than 10,000, since the number of genome-wide significant SNPs reported in the article count towards the maximum number of 10,000. We also report the GWAS-equivalent sample sizes for all the MTAG analyses: Same-sex sexual behavior – Males=329,546; Females=338,218; Males + Females=695,908. Same-sex partners among non-heterosexuals – Males=7,675; Females=5,838; Males + Females=19,325.

The files contain the following columns:

SNP: rsid of the tested marker
CHR: chromosome number
BP: base pair position in GRCh37 coordinates
A1: effect allele
A2: alternative allele
A1FREQ: allele frequency of A1
INFO: imputation INFO score
BETA: for the BOLT-LMM analyses, the linear regression effect size; for the MTAG analyses, the MTAG beta
SE: for the BOLT-LMM analyses, the linear regression standard error; for the MTAG analyses, the MTAG standard error
PVAL: (only for MTAG analysis):  MTAG p-value
P_LINREG: (only BOLT-LMM analyses): the linear regression p-value
CHISQ_BOLT_LMM_INF (only BOLT-LMM analyses): linear mixed model chi-square association statistic
P_BOLT_LMM_INF (only BOLT-LMM analyses): linear mixed model p-value